When Street Art meets Dali

Take advantage of your stay at Le Placide hotel to attend an unique encounter. Meeting at the “Espace Dali ...”

In addition to its permanent exhibition , the Espace dali offers since September 11th  , a temporary exhibition more than surrealist: Imagine twenty urban artists taking on the challenge of imagining their encounter with Dali to draw from inspiration an original work.

We know the works of Dali and this way to unveil the world : provocative , iconoclastic and wild. The artists of Street Art, like Dali, does impose any limit in their sources of inspiration , materials , supports their claims .

Will be present: Keith Haring, Akiza , Artiste Ouvrier , Fred Calmets , Codex Urbanus , Hadrien Durand- Baissas , Jadikan Jerome Mesnager , The King's Queer , Kool Koor , Kouka , Levalet , Thomas Mainardi , Manser , Nikodem , Nowart , Paella, Pioc PPC, Sack, Speedy Graphito Valeria Attinelli , Zokatos .

As many artists as good reason to go there.

The exhibition is open from September 11th  to March 15th 2015 , do not hesitate to ask the team of Le Placide more information about this exhibition , especially to meet the present artists .